Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trip Report: Palouse region

One of my favorite trips is my visit to the Palouse region.

The Palouse region covers southeast Washington, north central Idaho, and some of northeast Oregon. The area is filled with farmland - rolling hills of golden wheat, Canola, and legumes. It's a favorite place for many photographers. Each season brings a variety of colors in the fields and area is simply stunning. I wanted to visit the area and take photographs as soon as I saw the first picture of those rolling hills.

My boyfriend and I chose late July to drive out to the Palouse region. We stayed in the tiny town of Colfax due to its proximity to Steptoe Butte State Park. The park is the place to go for panoramic views of the region. We went at sunset, drove up the butte, and spent the next 45 minutes photographing some of the most beautiful scenery I've had the privilege of experiencing.

This chocolate and vanilla hill was my favorite section.

Taken from the car

I'd love to go back in the spring when the hills are green and get some sunrise shots. I'd also like to take more time to drive through the area and get more photos from a different perspective - on the ground within the hills, instead of just the panoramic views from the top of the butte.

To see more pictures of the Palouse region, Google image search "Palouse" or "Palouse wheat fields". You won't be disappointed. Searching Flickr is also a good place to look for more photos: