Saturday, January 23, 2016

Trail Report: Mercer Slough

Last fall, I was looking for new parks to visit and I stumbled across Mercer Slough. I was on Google Maps, looking at all of the patches of green, and I noticed a large area that I drive by often was marked as a park. After doing a bit of reading, I found out it had several miles of trails and was a large wetland. I was interested because it seemed different than the usual parks I went to.

I loved it. I had no idea this peaceful park was sitting just off the interstate. I never would have known it was there had I not discovered it online. There were plenty of trails to walk on, a canoe water trail, and a blueberry farm. I've already been back a second time to run on the trails, and I'm excited for summer so I can come back and canoe up the water trail.

One of the trails
Bridge, water trail, and canoe launch

Blueberry farm

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