Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I haven't written in a few weeks because I recently went through several big changes in my life.

Unfortunately, I'll be away from Seattle for a while. My boyfriend and I broke up and I'll be in Georgia, the state I grew up in, visiting my parents for a while before heading back to Seattle to find a new apartment. My boyfriend and I were together for 9 years so that's already going to be a big adjustment, and it's going to be another big adjustment to temporarily spend some time away from the city I love and built a life in.

I feel like the entire identity of my blog is going to change, because the Pacific Northwest is full of beautiful hikes and natural attractions. I started this blog when I drove out to Seattle 3 years ago, and it's been about my hiking and traveling in Washington and the surrounding states.

I'm going to do my best to continue my blog now that I'm in Georgia. I'm looking at it as more of a challenge - it's so easy to have a nature/hiking/travel blog in the Pacific Northwest because it's almost like you don't have to try since there is so much to work with, but since there are fewer hikes and nature attractions in Georgia, I'll have to try harder to find places to blog about.

North Georgia mountains

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  1. Glad you're keeping on with the blog. I look forward to reading about all the places I haven't been to in GA!