Saturday, April 09, 2016

Roadtrip: Seattle to Atlanta

This past week, I drove from Seattle, Washington to the metro Atlanta area in Georgia. My parents and I flew out to Seattle to pack up some of my stuff, and then we drove my car and a rented van across the country. I've made this drive before, in reverse, when I moved out to Seattle from Georgia. I had an awesome time and saw some gorgeous places so I was looking forward to doing it again.

We left around noon on a Sunday and got back Wednesday night (2am, so more like early Thursday morning). It took us 3.5 days to go a little over 2,600 miles. It would have taken less time, but we stopped at Mt. Rushmore and Custer State Park, and that detour took half a day.

38 hours of driving for 2,609 miles. We took I-90 for as long as we could.

The first half of the drive - through Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota - was the most scenic. Past South Dakota, it was mostly flat farmland and trees. There were pretty sights there as well, but they couldn't quite compare to the mountain ranges and wide open spaces of the west. I highly recommend that everyone make the drive from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Seattle, Washington once in their lives.

We took over 1,000 pictures during the drive, so it's difficult to choose just a few to share. This blog post is definitely more about pictures than words.

Lake and mountains in Washington

Mountain pass in Idaho

Sunset near Missoula, Montana

Missoula, Montana sunrise








Hills in Wyoming

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