Thursday, June 09, 2016

Trail Report: Cloudland Canyon

On Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, my parents and I went to Cloudland Canyon. I had somehow never heard of it before this year and I was excited to visit another canyon and see some waterfalls!

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There are overlooks right off the parking lot. From there, we followed the signs for the Waterfall Trail to get down to the two waterfalls and our first hike. We did the Sitton's Gulch hike that descends into the canyon and runs along the bottom of it next to Sitton Gulch Creek. The hike is 6 miles long - 3 miles of descending into the canyon and walking through the woods, and 3 miles of walking back through the woods and hiking up to the rim of the canyon (lots of stairs!)

The first waterfall we saw was Hemlock Falls. Usually it's a lot fuller, but there wasn't enough water at this time of year.

Hemlock Falls

The Sitton's Gulch trail was peaceful and pretty. We were surrounded by bright green leaves and occasional wildflowers.

After coming back along the Sitton's Gulch trail, we continued on to Cherokee Falls. It would have been better to have gone here on the way to the Sitton's Gulch trail, since it wasn't too far from Hemlock Falls. Like Hemlock, there wasn't enough water to fill out Cherokee Falls either. However, the cliffs around the falls were impressive on their own.

Cherokee Falls

After stopping at Cherokee Falls, we went back to the trail junction and decided to hike part of the West Rim Loop Trail. We weren't sure we wanted to do another long hike, so we went about a mile onto the West Rim Loop Trail and then turned around.

Cave entrance on West Rim Loop

One of the overlooks on the West Rim Loop

I really enjoyed Cloudland Canyon and would like to do more hikes there in the future. (And come back when there is more water to fill out the falls). The canyon was gorgeous and I highly recommend it to anyone in Georgia!

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