Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hello, Washington!

On Sunday, July 10th, I arrived in Washington!

I had originally planned to be away for two years, but it only took 5 months before I was ready to leave Georgia and go back to the place I've come to know as home.

Words can't describe how happy I am to be back!

I will miss living in the city, but the town I'm in is halfway between Seattle and the Cascade range, so I'm still close enough to drive into the city, and I'm closer to the mountains than before. After spending three years living downtown, I'll have to take the next year to see what it's like to live outside of the city and determine which one I like better. I am really enjoying being a short drive away from so many of the mountains I love to hike, and I'm excited that I have three mountains in my backyard - Tiger Mountain, Cougar Mountain, and Squak Mountain. If I can't make it out to the Cascades, these three are all within 10 minutes of where I live and have plenty of trails.

I'm a bit behind on this blog, because I hiked almost every day since I've been back and haven't done much else. Tiger Mountain on Monday, Bandera Mountain & Mason Lake on Wednesday, Snoqualmie Mountain on Thursday, St. Mark's Summit & Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (both in Canada!) on Friday, and Mailbox Peak on Saturday.

I feel so lucky to live in such a gorgeous place where I can do what I love every day!

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